Shell Account FAQ

Q: What is shell account?
A: RisingNet shells accounts are for you to use for IRC. You can run eggdrop bots from our server to protect your IRC channels and/or run IRC bouncer to hide your ISP hostname.

Q: How can we make a payment?
We accept payment via:
  • Credit card: Visa, Master & Amex
  • Paypal (required paypal account)
  • Moneybookers
  • Western Union
  • Mail in payment (US customer only)
  • Direct Bank Deposit:
    - Malaysia: MayBank (Ringgit)
    - Indonesia: BCA Bank (Rupiah)
    - Canada: Interac - BMO, Scotiabank, TD & RBC
All payment is in US Dollars, except for those who are using direct deposit.
Contact us if you need more information

Q: How long does it take to setup the new order?
A: We will setup your new account in less then an hour after the verification. 

Q: Can I see the VHOST list?
A: RisingNet doesn't provide the VHOSTS list; each customer will have their own custom VHOSTS.

Q: Can I use my own domain name for the custom VHOSTS?
A: Yes you can. You can order the domain shell account which comes with domain hosting. 

Q: How do I change the password for my shell account?
A: Login to the shell and type: passwd

Q: How do I see my quota limited or disk spaces? 
A: Login to the shell and type: quota

Q: Where can I find my custom VHOSTS list? 
A: Please contact support team for your custom vhosts list

Q: How do I setup the free web hosting which come with the shell packet?
A: Login to the shell and type: webserver
it will install the web server for you and give you the URL which you can access.

Q: I lost my shell password, how do I request the new one? 
A: Please email , Our support team will email you the new password.

Q: How many users or connection that can connect to my BNC program?
A: The max user for BNC is 2 users connect to 2 different IRC servers.

Q: What operating system that RisingNet using for the shell server? 
A: We are running FreeBSD. For more information about FreeBSD, please visit

Q: How do I kill the process that I'm running on the shell? 
A: Login to the shell type
1) ps ux
2) find the PID number 
3) kill -9 PID number
Note: where PID is the PID number displayed with the first command.

Q: How do I read email on the shell account? 
A: Login to the shell account and type: elm 

Q: What type of connection that RisingNet using?
A: RisingNet is running multihomed network. We are connected with multiple 100Mbps connection from multiple ISP.

Q: Can I run ping or traceroute on the shell account?
A: Our server doesn't allow you to run ping and traceroute. All of ICMP & UDP connection has been filtered by our Firewall system.

Q: Does my shell account secure or protected from Denial of Service attacks? 
A: We have the firewall system which can filter the Denial of Service attacks. 

Q: What is my email address? 
A: If you are getting email from the shell account, your email address will be for example:

Q: Can I forward my shell email account to other mail server?
A: Yes you can. You need to create the file call .forward on the shell and edit the email address that you would like to forward to in .forward file.

Q: I don't have domain name, can I manage my email using control panel? 
A: No you can not. You only can manage your email if you have your own domain name hosted with us. 

Q: Does RisingNet install the eggdrop bots for my new account?
A: RisingNet only provide the server and space. All of the users need to install their own eggdrop bots. If you would like us to install it for you, we need to charge you the setup fee. Please contact for more information.

Q: How do I cancel my account? 
A: You need to email for canceling your account.
You need to let us know 7 business days before your account get renewed.