IRCD Shell Account

RisingNet provides Chat server hosting and IRC Server hosting since 1999.
IRCD Shell account allows you to host or create your own IRC server.
IRCD shell account comes with unlimited background processes.
The first background process you can use it for IRCD process.
You can have unlimited users connect to your IRC server.
Run as many processes that you like, you can run IRC services such as:
NickServ, ChanServ, OperServ, MemoServ, HostServ, BotServ.
And the last process you can use it for eggdrop bot, bnc, psybnc, neostats, bopm or any other irc program.
In addition, web chat program such as PJIRC (web java IRC client), LightIRC (web flash IRC client), CGI IRC (web IRC client), voice and video chat red5 streaming and more.
Furthermore, We can also help you install this IRC programs for some fee.


  • Multi-homed Network or Multiple Internet Backbone
  • Multi-gigabit connection to internet


  • Dedicated IRCD server
  • 99%+ Uptime
  • Low server load
  • Fast server respond
  • Linux OS

IRCD Programs that you can install: Unrealircd, Bahamut IRCD, IRCU, Inspircd and more.

Database MySQL for IRCD services

If you need more information, please contact us

IRCD Shell

Price Detail & Order
No Setup Fee
$14.99 / Month
$40 / 3 Months
$75 / 6 Months
$150 / Year

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Disk Space & Processes
  • 10 GB/Account
  • Unlimited Background Process allow
  • 2 Static IPv4 for your server
  • 255 Static IPv6 for your server
  • Unlimited users connection
  • Host IRCD hub or leaf
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • Limit 4 GB RAM Memory
  • root access (optional)
  • Free 1 static IP for
    IRC Server & custom VHost
  • You can create your
    own custom vhost using
    RisingNet domains
    or your own domain:
  • Register your own domain from
  • Access to use more then 50
    domains name for your custom
    virtual host from different countries
  • VHOST can connect to all
    IRC servers such as:
    QuakeNet, EFNET,
    LinkNet, Ustream and many more
  • We will make sure no KLINE or
     GLINE on the hostname.
  • No public VHOST lists
Processes allow
You can use the shell account to run:
  • IRCD process
  • Unrealircd
  • Bahamut
  • IRCU
  • InspIRCd
  • IRCD services
  • Anope services
  • Atheme services
  • Auspice Services
  • Bpom
  • Neostats
  • Eggdrop, Perl Bot
  • MySQL
  • Custom Bot
  • Ezbounce, BNC, ZNC, Psybnc
Contact us if you are planning to run different processes.
Web Hosting
  • Free web server
  • Basic apache service

Plan Detail

IRC Web Chat Client
  • CGI:IRC - Web Chat
  • LightIRC - Flash Web Chat
  • PJIRC - Java Web Chat
Shell Access
24/7 shell access via:
  • SSH (secure shell access)
  • FTP (files transfer)
Email Account
  • Email on Shell Account
    via ELM client
  • .forward (email forward)
  • BitchX
  • irssi
  • SILC
  • screen
  • Tcl Scripts
  • Perl
  • gcc, c and c++
  • MySQL client
  • MysqlTCL
  • crontab
  • autobotchk
  • Precompile Eggdrop
  • Autoinstall bnc
  • Autoinstall psybnc
  • elm (shell email client)
  • lynx (shell web browser)
  • ssh (secure shell access)
  • ftp
  • wget
  • OpenSSL
  • connect to IRC Secure server
  • connect to SSL enable IRC
Data Backup
  • Daily remote data backup
  • Store your data backup on
    different remote backup server
Server & Network
  • Advance Rackmount Server
    for unix shell hosting
  • Multiple UNIX shell servers
  • Multiple IP blocks
  • 100Mbps connection
  • OC-192 Backbone
  • Multi-homed Network
  • DoS/DDoS mitigation
  • Firewall & IDS
  • Low Latency
  • No ping time out
  • 99%+ Uptime